Visioning for a New Learning Landscape at iSummit Conference

Educators gathered at the iSummit Conference in Atlanta to explore and envision iSummitLogohow to best transform the learning landscape.

Held June 10 and 11, the iSummit Conference, a two-day retreat in Atlanta, was brimming with collaboration, enthusiasm, and learning. Director of Innovation and Digital Learning at Eanes ISD Carl Hooker kicked off the conference with an intriguing and engaging keynote. (Follow Carl’s keynote address as well as other iSummit happenings at the Twitter hashtag #isummitconf.)

At the beginning of my session, A Mashup of Topics, Trends, and Innovations for Visioning, educators viewed An Anti-Creativity Checklist by Youngme Moon,  a professor and Senior Associate Dean for strategy and innovation at Harvard Business School and the author of Different. She outlines how leaders, managers, and colleagues stifle innovation by asking the question: What happens in your organization today that shuts down creative thinking? Heads were shaking in agreement as participants had encountered some of the very comments Dr. Moon highlighted to repress new ideas.


Session participants had fun using the Daqri augmented reality app to view and interact with a beating, human heart.

Using the new PLAYDate model of professional learning, which shares resources via Google Sheets, participants explored numerous topics, trends, and innovations to envision a new learning landscape. It is hoped that the resources – from augmented reality to competency-based learning – will assist you in overcoming negativity to create learning opportunities students deserve.

Dive into the fun below! These Google Sheets are public. So, if you don’t see a resource, please add it!

  • Immersive Environments, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Pen: Examine the impact of what is here and to come regarding environments beyond what is expected.
  • Cities of Learning: Learn how cities are merging badges for learning with real-life skills and earning credit.
  • Innovative Models, Approaches, and Curriculum Design: Tie on your shoes and lash your hat down to investigate these resources on leading-edge happenings changing the landscape of learning.
  • Coding and Gamification: Popularity grows for coding and gamification for learning, including its implication for future skills.
  • Design Thinking and Computational Thinking: Check out how design and computation thinking are impacting education.
  • Forward Thinking Resources:Dive into thinking forward with these classic resources, which examine the prospects of the future.
  • Learning Spaces: Can a change in the space of learning make a difference? YES, research and experience tells the story. Launch your own classroom space redesign with these resources.
  • Learning Time Redesign: Think the slicing of learning time throughout the day may make a difference? Your are right! Checkout what teachers have discovered and propose for their adventure in making time work for learning.
  • Maker Movement: The guiding principles of the Maker Movement can be summed in nine simple concepts: Make, Share, Give, Learn, Tool Up, Play, Participate, Support, and Change.
  • You have probably heard of the Maker Movement but not sure what it is or what to do next to make it happen in your own school? Then come on in to “make” your own space supported by these resources.
  • Badges or Micro-Credentials: Yep, badges (or also known as micro-credentials) play a larger role in your professional learning, as well as students. What are the implications? Learn more here.
  • Next Generation Professional Development: Top down, Industrial Age professional development steps aside for teacher-powered professional learning. From Twitter chats and Edcamps, teachers are empowered to differentiate their learning based on need, urgency, and passion.
  • Social Justice Resource: Nod to the NEA and the Center for Teaching Quality for gathering this Incredible stash of resources used in the social justice curriculum.
  • Special Needs: Learn more about how apps and 3D printing can assist those with special needs.
  • Teacherpreneurs: What in the heck is a teacherpreneur? Learn how the role of teacher is changing!

Other trends will be included in the future, such as STEAM, wearable technology, and the expanding world of Open Education Resources. So, keep an eye out! And, please share these resources with others.

What other topics, trends, and innovations would you include? Please add it!

See you on the digital river of learning,


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