Always Learning from Librarians (or is it Databrarians?)

I always learn from librarians: masters of organization, jugglers of information, and searchers of the new.

As noted in the October 17, 2013 Library Journal, the Databrarian is emerging, expanding the traditional role to include new titles and responsibilities such as emerging technologies specialist, user experience designer, digital content management, digital learning librarian, and social media manager.

There is no doubt that databriarins were in full swing at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) this year at the Digital Age Library Playground. (Presenter email addresses and Twitter names are listed! So, you can reach out to them, as I have been doing.)

Sessions ranged from flipping and coding to creating Makerspaces and generating QR Codes; these databriarians were a whirl of action and learning.

The session GeniusCon asked a question of students: If you could change one thing about your school, what would *YOU* do?

Co-founders of GeniusCon Matthew Winner (@MatthewWinner) and Sherry Gick (@libraryfanatic) presented on “how kids from K to college shared their big ideas and how their genius is changing the world.” Matthew and Sherry shared their GeniusCon story – “an event in which students from around the world shared their big ideas to affect social change,” according to The Digital Shift. Wow! More schools should be doing this!

Learn more about GeniusCon in the School Library Journal article With “GeniusCon” Project, Students Connect and Problem Solve and follow their hashtag #geniuscon on Twitter.

What have you learned from librarians? Do you have a databrarian in your school?

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