The Disaggregation of Education (Beyond Disruption)

We have just crossed – in the past few months – the cusp of The Disaggregation of Education. Even though evolving, the working definition of the disaggregation of education is, after disruption, the education market breaks into smaller pieces. And, the smaller pieces that meet a changing market demand will be the successful ones, impacting all education venues, including higher education. As part of this disaggregation of education, higher education as we  know it just died. While schools of higher education play a role in the immediate future in providing teacher preparation, that will change..

Currently, the change is evidenced by the following:

These are only a few of today’s observations; each day brings more.  It is the Disaggregation of Education, incubated from a merger of market demands and technology power – beyond online learning, beyond disruption – that is dismantling our current thinking and approaches to education, and it will be learning that triumphs, hopefully, in the end and not solely the quest for large profit margins. But, know that the Disaggregation of Education will have – and has already – a profound effect on every aspect of education, learning, and teaching.

What are your thoughts? What observations would you like to share on the disaggregation of education?

Running the digital river of learning with you,

Emily Vickery

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